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Gablys Lost & Found et Gablys Lockit sont les objets connectés N°1 pour ne plus perdre ses affaires et protéger son ordinateur. Produits 100% Français, la gamme de produits Gablys offre la meilleur fiabilité et sont les produits les plus utiles au quotidien.
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The Locking and Surveillance Bluetooth 4 System

Don’t you think your computer data must remain private ?

When you leave your Mac or PC for a while, even for a few minutes, you donai??i??t want the whole world to spy or browse yourAi??personalAi??data. Thanks toAi??Gablys Lockit, a new encrypted Bluetooth 4 tag, you can lock Ai??your computer when you walk away and unlock it when you walk back.


Gablys LockitAi??is made for everyone

  • Parents


    Stop loosing your work because of your lovelly but disturbing children

  • Professionals


    Protect your data when you work in a public environement

  • Individuals


    Your pets are sometimes a little bit intrusive

  • Companies


    Protect the private data of your company for each of your employee

  • Teenagers


    Have you never experienced a friend who makes a joke with your social network accounts ?

  • Doctor


    Your patients' data are strictly confidential


Your computer needs Bluetooth 4 to work with Gablys Lockit. See below if it is compatible !

MacBook Air mid-2011 & newer

Mac Mini mid-2011 & newer

Macbook pro mid-2012 & newer

iMac late 2012 & newer

More information

Thanks to the secured Gablys BLE Dongle shipped with all Gablys Lockit, you can used this piece of innovation underAi??Windows 7 and higher.

Designed and made in France

Our products are 100% designed in France by our engineer team,

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with the highest quality requirement
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ai??? Bluetooth 4 Low Energy

ai??? Replaceable Battery

ai??? Between 6 and 12Ai??months lifetime

ai??? 30m range

ai??? Weight: 13g

ai??? Size: 43 x 42 x 10 mm


ai??? Free software

ai??? Mac & Windows compatible

ai??? Intuitive UI

ai??? Discreet background application

Lock / Unlock your computer

Keep the Gablys with you all day long.Ai?? Go away from your computer, it will securely lock it. Come back 5, 15 or 40 minutes later and your computer will be unlocked as if by magic. Your can continue your work exactly where you left it.

And of course it works booth for Mac And PC!


A discreet application

Once installed,Ai?? Gablys Lockit software will work in the background. Only an icon in the task bar will notify you that your guardian is watching. A simple click opens the settings :

ai??? See the battery level of you device

ai??? Quickly visualize the connexion state

ai??? Set the distance for locking/unlocking your session

Display a personal message

Gablys LockitAi??app replace your screensaver, that’s why it is possible to personalize it with the sentence you want, so people are warned that your computer is protected.


The power of Scripts

Mute the music, lower the backlighting of your screen when you go away, or launch Skype when you come back : all this is made possible with Gablys Lockit!

We integrated Apple and Windows scripts execution so you can do all you can imagine with your device.

Backup unlocking

You forget your Gablys LockitAi??and your screen is locked ? Don’t panic, a single click drives you to the old-school session screen, and you can enter your password to unlock your computer.


Catch intruders !

Have you ever dreamed to know who touched your computer when you were away?

When someone tries to uses your computer, Gablys Lockit App takes a picture of the intruder so you can see who is the thief… or the joker!

Get yourself a Gablys Lockit!

Gablys LockitAi??is available for sale.
You can order yours on our shop.